Receiving Funds

Were you approved for a lawsuit cash advance after sustaining a serious injury? Watch this video to learn how you will be receiving funds from our company.


How do I receive the funds for my lawsuit cash advance?


Receiving FundsA grocery stock boy was stocking the produce section and did not realize that some grapes had fallen out onto the floor. Our client was walking through the produce section and stepped on one of those grapes. Her feet flew out from under her and she landed on her back, severely injuring her lower back. The client went through a fusion and she wanted to know how to get the money from us once we made a deal with her for personal injury financing. We have several options of how you can receive your funds. We can do a wire transfer to the bank account, direct deposit, or we can simply mail you a check. If you are local, we can have you meet us at our office to pick up the check or even cash. We can also do a FedEx check overnight that you can take to your bank or to our bank to cash.

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