Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding / Applying Over the Phone
Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding / Applying Over the Phone

Applying Over the Phone

Do you need a lawsuit cash advance to help your family? Watch this video to learn about applying over the phone if you don’t want to use our online application form.


Can I apply for an advance over the phone?


Applying Over the PhoneWe have seen a situation where a woman is driving down the road and decides to make right-hand turn without looking in her right-view mirror. In doing so, she plows into our client who’s riding her bike and seriously injures her, putting her in the hospital. That client of ours had several pending surgeries and a long road of recovery. She wanted to know from us if she could apply for pre-settlement funding over the phone. I took her application right then and there. The answer is yes, we can take your application over the phone, via email, or if you want, you can have your attorney contact us directly.

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