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Post Settlement Funding

The following will help you understand what needs to happen for you to get your fees quickly from FastFunds after you settle your case. How much you get from the claim and how soon you get it all depends on how the case resolves. You may not see this compensation come in for weeks, months, or sometimes years. The money you have to spend after settling does not go on hold while you wait for this money to come in. If you are frustrated with the wait, post settlement funding may be a good choice for you. Post Settlement for Plaintiffs The defendant in a case will have to pay the plaintiff some of the amount agreed to after the settlement is agreed on. It is not usually the total amount, because the law does not hold anyone to pay in full by a certain deadline. Because of this, the wait time could vary between weeks and years. If there was a contract signed regarding payments, that can take a very long time to see the award in full. Most people need help with money right away. That’s why post settlement funding may be the right choice for you. You can have compensation within 24 hours of your application being approved. Post Settlement for Attorneys When a case settles, the lawyers who work on a contingency are then able to collect their fees and use that capital to fund their business. Post settlement funding can help attorneys who need quicker cash flow after settlement. There can be a huge gap between the settlement and the award. A faster turnover between settlement and collecting money can help a firm thrive. You may be able to continue to bring in cases by putting this cash flow towards advertising, hiring, or building other cases you take on. You may be able, too, to stand up against firms with huge budgets. If you have a larger firm, a post settlement fund can help you maintain your competitive position among other firms in your area and utilize your marketing budget. This is an advantage you may not be able to do if you are relying on the timeline of a normal settlement. Deciding to Go Forward with Post Settlement Funding You may decide to use post settlement funding because of its many benefits. You will be able to get your settlement within 24 hours of an application being accepted, instead of having to wait for weeks to months. You know how fast bills can pile up and become overwhelming. The assistance post settlement funding offers can be incredibly helpful. Call FastFunds right away to discuss how post settlement funding can help you. How Do I Know If I Qualify for Post Settlement Funding? If you want post settlement funding, you have to qualify and meet several requirements. For one, you need to be on the plaintiff side of a case, not a defendant. Next, you have to have had a successful claim and expect to receive a settlement in the form of compensation. Common cases after which the plaintiff applies for post settlement funding includes:
  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents, etc.
When you have settled your case, FastFunds will know how much compensation you expect to get. The benefits of this is FastFunds knows your case isn’t at risk of getting denied by the insurance company, so there is a better chance your application is accepted than a pre-settlement application. Getting All of Your Documents in Order to Apply FastFunds can help you prepare for the application process. It is relatively straight forward and, again, you can receive compensation within 24 hours after your application is accepted. Make sure that you prepare for a smooth process. You should get the following together:
  • a letter that saying what your case settled for from your attorney
  • how much you are requesting from FastFunds for post settlement funding
  • a copy of a letter that your attorney sent to the insurance company detailing their obligation
  • a copy of the executed general release
Your attorney may be helpful in the process of gather all documentation needed to get post settlement funding. When you apply for post settlement funding, be sure that you give contact information to get a hold of your attorney so FastFunds can be in touch. Call FastFunds Today to Learn More About Post Settlement Funding FastFunds offers assistance to people who are fed up with long waits to get their compensation award after settling their claims. We provide you with a way to borrow money at very low rates. Once you are approved, you can have a portion of your fees within 24 hours. Please contact us right away to learn more about applying and how the whole process works.