Slip and Fall Cash Advances

Slip and fall cases can be absolutely frustrating. You have been unexpectedly injured and it is negatively impacting your life. If you have medical bills coming in and have had to miss time from work, you most likely are experiencing a financial burden. Fast Funds is here to help slip and fall victims with an immediate cash advance that will allow them to keep their head above water. If you are injured and have a slip and fall claim, you can apply for one of our slip and fall cash advances. This money exists to help you provide for yourself following the accident. It is support for the hardship you may be under. Fast Funds does not expect you to pay this money back if you do not win your case. It is only required to repay us if you win your slip and fall claim. Other than that, you have no obligation to do so.

Slip and Fall Cash AdvancesSlip and falls happen when the owner of the property you are on does not keep up with the maintenance of their property. They have a duty to you to keep their property safe and free of hazards. When they fail to do so, they become liable for any injury that happens to anyone who goes on their property. It is very unfortunate that a slip and fall can result in an injury that could affect someone’s life in many ways. With a lack of income from missed work and an added expense of medical treatment, it is not surprising that you would find yourself under some serious financial duress.

Qualifying for Our Slip and Fall Cash Advances

There are many different reasons why someone would be injured in a slip and fall. There are several common causes of these accidents that involve the negligence of someone who should have been preventing these exact types of accidents. The way it works for your case is that the more obvious the slip or tripping hazard is to the property owner, the more likely you are to win the case and get the compensation you deserve. Slip and falls commonly happen when:

  • There is a broken or badly built staircase
  • There is a defect in the sidewalk
  • The materials used on a property were not good enough
  • There was a violation of building codes
  • An area was poorly maintained

The list can continue and if you are injured and there is a liable party other than yourself, you can bring a slip and fall claim. You can then also ask Fast Funds for a cash advance to ensure you have the best shot at max compensation.

How Fast Funds Can Get You a Bigger Settlement

The ensure that your case is going to be as strong as possible, you need to make sure you are hiring a very experienced slip and fall attorney who works on a contingency basis. It makes it near impossible to get the most out of your case if you are not properly represented or you have decided to represent yourself. It is also highly beneficial to hire an attorney because when you do, you are then qualified to get a cash advance from Fast Funds. That is really the only requirement to apply for one of our slip and fall cash advances for your medical bills, lost wages, rent, groceries, and any other daily expense you may be struggling with.

It is very common, regardless of how grossly negligent a property manager had been, that they will deny that they had anything to do with you getting hurt. They know that if they put up a fight with their insurance company by their side, it could draw out the case and potentially last for years. This waiting could make it hard for you to keep up with your finances, and they know that. When you have a cash advance from Fast Funds, you are no longer under their thumb and you get to be patient and wait until you have the best possible settlement to agree upon.

Slip and Fall Cash Advances in 24 Hours!

If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall, please do not hesitate to call our office today to see what we can do for you. We do not charge you a fee to process your application and we make it as easy as possible for you. All we ask is that you have your attorney’s contact information and name on hand when you call and you will be all set. You do not have to worry about paying the cash advance back unless you win your case. If you do not win, you do not have to pay us back. Do not let the insurance company pressure you into an early settlement, get a cash advance today. We offer low rates, a risk-free process, and no hidden fees. We are here to help!