Construction Accident Cash Advances

Construction accidents can really turn your life upside down if you are left injured because of one. Our construction accident cash advances are designed to help you financially while you are working to get a fair personal injury claim settlement. Unfortunately, these cases can take some time, potentially a couple of years before they settle. If you have been so severely injured that you are not able to return to your work and your worker’s compensation is not covering all of your expenses, you may be eligible for a construction accident claim. At Fast Funds, our goal is to allow you to regain financial stability while you wait for your settlement award.

Construction Accident Cash AdvancesAs you may already know, a construction site of any nature is a dangerous place to be and a construction worker is a job that comes with a lot of hazards. At any construction zone, there are usually a lot of ways someone could potentially get injured. It is sad to know that hundred of people lose their life in construction-related accidents each year and those who survive these accidents are usually hit with a financial crisis following their injury.

It can be extremely hard to be patient with your case, but your attorney needs to do their job to get you the best possible end result. Fast Funds wants to be able to help you wait this case out to see that optimal outcome. We boast our hassle-free process to receive a cash advance and want you to know that you do not have to pay us back if you do not win your case. We only ask for repayment when your case wins.

What to Know About Third Party Lawsuits

Regardless of the details of most cases, you will be offered worker’s compensation for your injuries on the construction site. However, that is not the only avenue of financial relief for some people. If there was blatant negligence involved with the contractors or property owners, you could pursue a third party personal injury claim. This is a separate thing from your worker’s compensation and it can provide you with the compensation that you deserve. This might be necessary for a number of reasons. If the owner of the property had not informed you about dangerous areas of the worksite, then they are responsible if you are hurt there. If your employer did not proved a safe work environment, and you were hurt because of that, they would be held responsible. If scaffolding was incorrectly or improperly set up, that company is going to be responsible for any injuries. You may also have a third party claim if whoever was in charge did not train you fully on safety protocol and that resulted in your injury.

Most Common Construction Accidents Types

Fast Funds most commonly will provide a cash advance to a victim of a construction accident who has been injured by the follow types of accidents:

  • Hit by a falling object
  • Shocked by exposed wires
  • Injured by asbestos exposure
  • Made sick by mold
  • Hurt in an explosion or fire
  • Fell from a height
  • Inhaled toxic fumes
  • Fell or tripped because of faulty steps
  • Injured in a scaffolding collapse
  • Hurt by a crane

The list may continue for some people and we want to know the details of your case.

How Fast Funds Can Make Your Finances Less Stressful After Injury

You may have already found out how terribly difficult it is to fight your construction accident claim. The insurance company can make it quite frustrating. Your employer may be also denying that they had anything to do with your accident and they may try to place the blame elsewhere. When you run into complications such as these, you can expect the litigation to be more involved and time-consuming. When these cases drag out, it can put a lot of stress on you. Even if your case is air-tight and strong, you can still experience a long fight. Often, worker’s compensation just is not enough to replace the finances that you have lost from the accident.

Our construction accident cash advances exist to help you through your claim so that the waiting period is substantially less difficult. We make our application process as simple and easy as possible. We ensure a hassle-free experience. The only requirements to apply for a cash advance is if you have been injured in a construction accident. We do not ask you for your credit score, your employment records, or your personal finances. We base whether or not you would be a good candidate for one of our construction accident cash advances solely on your case details. We look at the extent of your injuries as well as the liability in your case. You need not pay for an application and we will not ask you for any up-front fees. Also remember that you do not have to pay us back unless you win the case. Please call us today to learn more about how Fast Funds can help you!