Truck Accident Cash Advances

If you are seriously injured after a truck accident, you may be eligible for one of our truck accident cash advances. It is almost guaranteed that any surviving victim of a truck accident is going to have catastrophic injuries. These vehicles are massive, heavy, and impossible to stop quickly. If you have injuries that have destroyed your finances, you may want to consider contacting us to see if you qualify for a cash advance to help with your finances while you wait for the truck accident claim to settle.

Truck Accident Cash AdvancesAnyone who has been hurt by a negligent truck driver has the full right to hire an experienced attorney and bring a claim. You deserve the fullest and fairest amount of compensation possible for the damages you have suffered. With the right attorney, you can make a full and fair settlement that will give you maximum recovery. The value of your case is contingent on the damages you have suffered as well as the liability of the truck driver. The common examples of how truck accidents are caused include:

  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Driving while sleep-deprived
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Reckless driving
  • Faulty truck maintenance

These incident with trucks can lead to injuries that will change a victim’s life forever in some cases. Some people will never make a full recovery even with the best of treatment. Unfortunately, these accidents also result in death sometimes. When people are able to recover, they may not be able to go back to work for a very long time and that makes life even more stressful for themselves and their family. The liability of these cases can be very tricky because there are so many potential parties that could have been negligent. That includes the driver, the truck company, and the manufacturer. This often means that the litigation process can be drawn out if you are hoping to get a fair amount of compensation.

How Fast Funds Help Truck Accident Victims

Fast Funds exists to help the victims of truck accidents keep their head above water while they are waiting on the settlement award. This is not a loan; it is a cash advance, meaning that you will get money to help with the costs related to the truck accident so that the lawsuit does not take a huge toll on you financially. We do not ask you to pay us back until your case settles. This is risk-free and you don’t need to pay us back at all if you lose your case. How the money is spent is completely up to you. Most often, people use the advance for rent, medical bills, groceries, and daily expenses.

Our cash advances are easy to apply for and involves simply the case details in order to quality for the advance. We won’t ask you about your debt or your credit history. This is all based around the details of your case. We do not require that you make month payments or pay for an application. You don’t need to fill out stacks of paperwork and there is no hassle with the application.

You May Win a Larger Settlement with Our Truck Accident Cash Advances

As you may have found out already, it could take quiet a long time to fully litigate your truck accident claim. Your attorney will work very hard to get you the compensation you deserve and sometimes that takes years. Truck accident can be very complicated and you want to be able to let your attorney take that time so that you can get full compensation. You may not be able to wait for years to get that compensation so it can be very stressful for you. That is why having an advance can ultimately help you get more compensation. If you receive a cash advance, you hopefully will be less inclined to take a low and early settlement from the liable party’s insurance company. We do not want you to take that early settlement. It is a huge mistake for your financial future. We want to give you the power in this situation so that your attorney can hold the insurance company’s feet to the flame to get you the result you deserve to get.

Truck Accident Cash Advances in 24 Hours!

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, you may be feeling scared and nervous about the future. These accidents can really set you back financially and it can cause you a lot of anxiety if you truly cannot make ends meet and you have to worry about physically recovering. Please call Fast Funds right away and we will get your application going right away. Your recovery, both physical and financial, is important to us.