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Litigation Financing

Finding pre-settlement litigation financing can be difficult but often is vital in order to pursue successful settlement. Frequently, claimants have lost their jobs or missed a lot of work and cannot meet their financial obligations. Claimants can now alleviate financial pressures and have the staying power they need to wade through the complexities of litigation with Fast Funds litigation financing. Litigation FinancingFast Funds is the nation’s leader in providing pre-settlement financing to claimants across the country who are pursuing personal injury lawsuits. Our success is attributed to the years of expertise we offer and in knowing exactly what our clients want out of a pre-settlement cash advance company. There is no interest, no monthly payments, no hidden fees and quick funding. We have helped thousands of individuals get the money they need to pay for medical bills, living expenses, and to obtain the general financial relief that is often needed prior to settlement. We have the ability to offer pre-settlement funding to meet the needs of claimants and can provide funding within 24 hours of application approval. We will consider any application regarding a case where serious personal injury has been sustained. At Fast Funds, there are no minimums or maximums as far as how much we can advance. Request as much as you think you may need and we will make every effort to advance you exactly that amount. Fast Funds helps claimants level the playing field against defending insurance companies so that their well-known tactics of dragging a case out in hopes that a small settlement is reached aren’t successful.