Jones Act Cash Advances

Most seaman injuries fall under the Jones Act, which is a federal maritime law that provides for benefits to those who are injured on sea-going vessels on navigable waters, and offshore oil rigs that can be towed and are not permanently affixed to the ocean floor. In cases that arise under the Jones Act, courts either apply the common-law concept of proximate cause or utilize standard tests of causation. Settlements under the Jones Act can be significant, but often are quite complex and take time to resolve. Because seaman injuries are often severe and weekly income becomes inadequate, many victims rush to settlement instead of holding off for more fair and just compensation. Do not let this happen to you.

Jones Act Litigation FundingWe at Fast Funds understand the plight of having to support a family until your case is settled favorably. We offer settlement Jones Act cash advances. Such advances are based on the potential outcome. Unlike other pre-settlement funding sources, we do not charge interest on the advances; we simply buy a very small percentage of the expected settlement. If the unfortunate happens and the case is lost, we do not even have to be paid back!

What Are Jones Act Cases?

The Jones Act is a federal maritime law that provides benefits to workers who are injured while working on a vessel. The Act also makes provisions for the families of seamen who are killed in the performance of their duties. Under the Jones Act, a seaman and his family may recover against an employer for lost wages, future lost earning capacity, past and future medical expenses and damages for pain and suffering, as well as mental anguish.

Under the Jones Act and general maritime law, a case may be filed only by a qualified “seaman.” The seaman must be on board a vessel “in navigation” at sea or in a body of water that is connected to interstate or international commerce when injury occurred. Additionally, the seaman must spend a substantial amount of work time on board the vessel.

Fishermen, cruise ship workers, ferry boat workers, tug boat workers, barge workers, oil platform workers, construction workers of vessels and barges, and commercial divers all can be classified as seamen under the Jones Act. Filing a case under the Jones Act can be complex and take some time before a settlement is reached.

Are You Waiting for a Settlement for Your Seaman Injuries?

Getting the money you need for your injuries before your case is settled is fast and simple with Fast Funds. Our Jones Act cash advances are contingent upon your expected settlement–we are purchasing a portion of the anticipated proceeds. There are no monthly fees or interest to be paid. We get repaid only upon a successful recovery. In the unexpected event that your case is lost, do not worry, because we do not have to be paid back! We only get paid if you get paid.

At Fast Funds, we understand that both plaintiffs who are involved in lengthy Jones Act cases need money to support themselves while waiting for a settlement. Claimants must continue to support their families even though no money is coming in. We offer claimants a way to get the money they need, and we place no limitations on the time by which the case must be resolved. No matter how long the case takes, you pay no interest on the money advanced.

Fast Funds is the premier funding source in Jones Act cases and other litigation. Litigation is often complicated and takes time, but our funding process is simple. All you need to do is complete a short initial application, which you can do right here on our site. We will review the application and when approved, you can receive funding within 24 hours!