Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding / Changing Attorneys
Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding / Changing Attorneys

Changing Attorneys

Watch this video to find out if changing attorneys during a lawsuit can affect your cash advance. Call for a free consultation and start your application today.


What happens with the advance if I change my attorney?


A man was seriously injured when he was walking down the street. He tripped and fell over a hole that was left open from a construction company with no signage and no blocking of the hole. Changing Attorneys He was represented by an attorney, and for some reason, his attorney dropped him. He called us and asked what he could do now. There are several things that happen. First of all, we need to be notified right way. Secondly, we will help you find another attorney if you are still pursuing your claim. Lastly, we need to make sure that the new attorney is aware of our lien in your case.

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