Having an Attorney

If you are looking to obtain a lawsuit cash advance you may be wondering if having a attorney is required. Watch this video to learn how we work with your lawyer.


Do I need an attorney for a lawsuit cash advance?


Having an AttorneyOur client was injured because a store employee who was mopping up the mess in one of the aisles that had a lot of liquid in it, but they neglected to put down signage or warn any customers that there’s a slippery surface in their store. Our client went down that aisle, slipped and fell, seriously injured their lower back, and needed an attorney. She wanted to know if she could get financing and if she would need an attorney to get it. If you are in search of an attorney, we can help you and help provide you with a list of attorneys that are qualified. One of the important things to remember when choosing an attorney is making sure that they’re a personal injury attorney and they also have trial experience. If you need some help finding an attorney or need more information, please contact our offices.

Are you or a loved one involved in a personal injury lawsuit and want to know if you need an attorney for a lawsuit cash advance? Contact us for a free consultation or apply for pre-settlement funding online.

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