Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding / Lawsuit Cash Advance Timeline
Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding / Lawsuit Cash Advance Timeline

Lawsuit Cash Advance Timeline

Were you involved in an accident and wonder how quickly you can get lawsuit funding? Check out this video to learn more about the lawsuit cash advance timeline.


How soon can I request a lawsuit cash advance?


Lawsuit Cash Advance TimelineI got a call from someone whose husband was in a very bad motorcycle accident. He was going to be out of work for six to eight weeks and would require several surgical procedures to repair the damage done to his leg. His wife was really concerned that they would not be able to manage their bills throughout the time in which her husband was recovering. Her question was, if her husband was injured last week, would they qualify for a lawsuit cash advance? It depends on the amount of information and documentation the attorney’s been able to put together on his claim. If the attorney has the documentation necessary for us to review, then, yes, we can move forward with a lawsuit cash advance.

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