Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding / Litigation Funding Paperwork
Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding / Litigation Funding Paperwork

Litigation Funding Paperwork

If you are applying for a lawsuit cash advance you might want to know if you need to fill out any litigation funding paperwork. Watch this video to find out.


What paperwork is involved with a lawsuit cash advance?


A college student pulls an all-nighter and when he gets in his car after the test, he starts to fall asleep on his way home. Litigation Funding Paperwork He runs into my client, who was stopped at a red light. Our client is seriously injured, and calls us for funding. They ask, “What kind of paperwork do you need for me to get a cash advance?” I explain to the client that once we are authorized to speak with the attorney, we request a police report, any kind of medical information as far as the treatment, the insurance information, and possibly anything else that has to do with the litigation of the case. There’s a lot of other paperwork involved, but those are the main components of what we require to be able to process an advance. If you think you have a case and you need a cash advance, please call our office.

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