In a perfect world and with unlimited resources (manpower and financial), I’m sure every plaintiff attorney reading this would move every case ahead without delay. But in reality, many firms with large case loads cannot invest in experts for every case at the same time. Let’s face it, plaintiff attorneys are the last to get paid and the first to spend money. This is not an ideal scenario. But now there is help!

Fast Funds non-recourse case cost funding program can help your firm reallocate funds and move more cases forward.

Fast Funds pays your case costs today and holds a lien until the case resolves. Ideal funding for expert witnesses, life care plans, accident reconstruction, demonstrative aids, vocational economics, human factors and other litigation expenses.

We fund all types of experts.

You choose the experts.

We pay the experts for their service and hold a lien with interest.

When the case settles you remit payment.

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