Paying Back a Lawsuit Cash Advance

If you participating in litigation funding, you may be concerned about paying back a lawsuit cash advance. Watch this video to find out how Fast Funds gets paid.


How does Fast Funds get paid back?


An older gentleman with dementia was about to make a left-hand turn. He decided to make that turn with oncoming traffic and failed to yield the right of way, Paying Back a Lawsuit Cash Advance causing a head-on collision with our client, sending our client to the hospital with serious injuries. As the case progresses, our client had surgery, and he took a cash advance from us. We get paid back at the end of the case once your claim resolves. We get paid back out of what’s left over in the advance. The other portions go to the lawyer and any outstanding medical bills. We get paid directly from the lawyer’s office. You have the attorney to pay us directly.

Are you or a loved one involved in a personal injury lawsuit and have questions about paying back a lawsuit cash advance? Contact us for a free consultation or apply for a lawsuit cash advance online.

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