Post-Settlement Litigation Financing

Are you still waiting to get paid even though your legal case has settled? Watch this video to learn how post-settlement litigation financing can help your family.


What is post-settlement financing?


Let’s say a construction company hires another company to put up the scaffolding for their project. Unbeknownst to the construction company, the scaffolding company does not do a good job with their scaffolds. Post-Settlement Litigation Financing Their painter that’s supposed to be painting the building goes up on the scaffold and the scaffold collapses, causing the painter to fall to the floor and get seriously injured. He ends up having a workers’ compensation claim and also a third-party claim against the company that made the scaffolding. The cases are resolved and now the client is waiting for his money. He wants to know about post-settlement financing. Post-settlement financing happens once the claims are resolved. At that point, if there’s enough left over for the client, they can take an advance on their post-settled case.

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