Cash Advance for a Wage and Hour Claim

Cash Advance for a Wage and Hour Claim

Cash Advance for a Wage and Hour ClaimFast Funds isn’t exclusively a service for personal injury claims. We also deal with employment law and wage and hour claims as well. Specifically, we have financed dozens of wage-and-hour claims in which the plaintiff was successful. Contact Fast Funds today to learn more and see if you apply for a cash advance for a wage and hour claim.

Cash Advance for a Wage and Hour Claims

Wage and hour claims arise when an employer has unlawfully refused to pay for overtime hours worked, failure to provide required break and lunch time with pay, failure to pay required wages for time worked or failure to provide appropriate vacation time.

In a wage and hour dispute, often times employees lose their jobs and find themselves in need of pre suit or pre settlement funding in order to allow their attorney sufficient time to bring a claim to its maximum recovery.

How We Can Help

Fast Funds, a nationally recognized leader in the non-recourse financing industry can help. We will provide a cash advance to cover necessary expenses during the time it takes for a claimant to obtain other gainful employment and during the time it takes an attorney to work out the best result for your claim.

Our requirements are only that you are represented by an attorney who will cooperate in our attempt to learn about your claim and that are employment law experts agree that your have a valid claim that is provable in a court of law.

Fast Funds will provide pre-settlement funding for claims that are not yet in suit or in which a lawsuit has been filed.

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