Cash Advances for Construction Accidents

Cash Advances for Construction Accidents

Cash Advances for Construction AccidentsIf you have been injured on a job site, you will probably be left unable to work for some time. Likewise, you may be seeking compensation but are having difficulty funding your case against the workers’ comp insurance companies. You may have heard of cash advances for construction accidents. Contact Fast Funds today to learn how we can help you pay for your legal expenses.

Cash Advances for Construction Accidents | Third-Party Lawsuits

Regardless of the details of most cases, you will be offered worker’s compensation for your injuries on the construction site. However, that is not the only avenue of financial relief for some people. If there was blatant negligence involved with the contractors or property owners, you could pursue a third-party personal injury claim. This is a separate thing from your worker’s compensation, and it can provide you with the compensation that you deserve. This might be necessary for a number of reasons. If the owner of the property had not informed you about dangerous areas of the worksite, then they are responsible if you are hurt there. If your employer did not provide a safe work environment, and you were hurt because of that, they would be held responsible. If scaffolding was incorrectly or improperly set up, that company is going to be responsible for any injuries. You may also have a third-party claim if whoever was in charge did not train you fully on safety protocol and that resulted in your injury.

Cash Advances for Construction Accidents | Eligibility

Our construction accident cash advances exist to help you through your claim so that the waiting period is substantially less difficult. We make our application process as simple and easy as possible. We ensure a hassle-free experience. The only requirements to apply for a cash advance is if you have been injured in a construction accident. We do not ask you for your credit score, your employment records, or your personal finances. We base whether or not you would be a good candidate for one of our construction accident cash advances solely on your case details. We look at the extent of your injuries as well as the liability in your case. You need not pay for an application and we will not ask you for any up-front fees. Also remember that you do not have to pay us back unless you win the case. Please call us today to learn more about how Fast Funds can help you!Follow us on Facebook