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When Can I Apply for a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance?

When Can I Apply for a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance

Fast Funds, Inc. is often asked, “How soon after my accident can I apply for a pre-settlement loan?” We can advance funds as soon as we have received a report on how the accident occurred and also a medical report indicating the initial diagnosis and causation of the injuries. This typically can take up to […]

Easy Pre-Suit Cash Funding

Easy Pre-Suit Cash Funding

Our pre-suit cash funding program is really quite simple. The program is designed to help clients during while their claim is pending so that they can get the settlement they deserve. A Fast Funds cash advance is not a loan. Loans, like bank loans, require credit checks, employment verification, and sometimes application fees. We do […]

How Does Fast Funds Differ from Other Companies?

How Does Fast Funds Differ from Other Companies

How does Fast Funds’ lawsuit funding program differ from that of other pre-settlement lawsuit funding programs? For accident injury claims, we do not charge interest, no matter how long the car accident lawsuit or other type of accident injury claim takes to settle. We have no up-front fees for our lawsuit financing or pre-lawsuit funding. […]