Paying Off a Lawsuit Cash Advance Early

Did you come into some money and now wonder if paying off a lawsuit cash advance early is possible? Watch this video to learn how you can get a payoff quote.


Can I pay off my lawsuit cash advance off early?


A man was driving down the street not paying attention and hit a person who was attempting to cross the street with the right of way. That pedestrian ended up being our client. Paying Off a Lawsuit Cash Advance Early They were in the hospital, seriously injured, wondering how they were going to pay bills and keep a roof over their head. We provide a cash advance for that. A few months down the road, they received a large inheritance and wanted to know if they could pay it off or if they have to wait till the end of their claim. You can contact our office, request a payoff amount, and once paid, we will send a satisfaction of lien letter to the attorney’s office, letting the attorney know that the lien has been paid and they no longer owe our company any money. Call our offices today if you have any questions or are interested in obtaining more information about personal injury financing.

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