3 Tips on How To Apply

3 Tips on How To Apply

Are you involved in an injury lawsuit and have questions about how to apply? Read these 3 tips on how to apply, then give us a call today.

1) Applying for Lawsuit Funding

3 Tips on How To ApplyWe received a call yesterday from a client who had no idea that this type of funding existed, and he asked, “How do I apply?” I simply told him we take your application over the phone, and once we know that the attorney is authorized to speak with us, we will contact them to try to get the information from the file. Once reviewed, we’ll give you a call back and let you know if we can help you. If it’s a yes, we’ll communicate an offer at that point.

2) Getting a Lawsuit Cash Advance

A person is driving down the street, texting and driving and it’s too late before they plow into somebody that’s stopped at a red light. That person calls us and wants to know how they can get pre-settlement financing and what information is necessary to do so. In order to get pre-settlement financing, first thing you need to do is contact your attorney, let them know, and authorize them to speak with us. At that point, we will request the necessary information and then be able to make a decision to see if we can help you. There is a tons of different information that we look for, but not all of it may be there at the same time.

3) Same Day Funding

I got a call from a lady who was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, and she wanted to know if she could get financing on her claim that same day. I explained that it typically it takes between 24 and 48 hours for us to properly evaluate the case and get money into her hands.

Are you or a loved one involved in a personal injury lawsuit and have questions about how to apply? Check out these 3 tips on how to apply, then contact us for a free consultation or apply for a lawsuit cash advance online.

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