4 Funding Option Tips

4 Funding Option Tips

If you have suffered a traumatic injury and are in need of money to pay your bills, check out these 4 funding option tips. Call us today.

1. Types of Cases We Fund

4 Funding Option TipsResidents of an apartment complex had been complaining to the management company about the condition of the staircase that leads to and from their apartments. Apparently, the staircase was very old and rickety and in disrepair. The management company sent their maintenance guy out a couple times but never really replaced or fixed the staircase. Our client, one day, was walking down the stairs, put her foot through one of the boards, takes a fall the rest of the way down the stairs, and broke her leg. She needed a surgery with a rod inserted and wouldn’t be able to work for months. She wanted to know if we fund that type of case. Yes. Premise liability cases are one of the types of cases we fund. Aside from that, we also fund motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and a slew of other types of cases. If you have a case and you’re not sure if we fund it or not, please give us a call and we will let you know.

2. Getting a Second Cash Advance

We recently funded a client that came back to us a few weeks later asking us if they can get more money in the future, if needed. The answer is that we always look at the case to see if it’s possible for us to give you more money. We always recommend you don’t come back if it isn’t necessary. However, if the case warrants it, we will issue you another advance if we can.

3. Personal Injury Case Value

A client called us yesterday, who was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was seriously injured. He wanted to know how much his case is worth. Unfortunately, we are not the attorney on the case, so we will not be able to provide such information. We evaluate the claim, and then make our decision as to whether it’s possible to fund or not.

4. Pre-Suit Funding

We got a call from a construction worker who fell off of scaffolding while working on a building. He was seriously injured and had not worked for months. He was facing a surgical procedure and was wondering how could support his family. He wanted to know if his attorney had not yet filed suit, if he could apply for a lawsuit cash advance. The simple answer is yes. The attorney does not have to have filed suit for you to get an advance on your claim.

Are you or a loved one involved in a personal injury lawsuit and have questions about what types of cases we fund? Contact us for a free consultation or apply for a lawsuit cash advance online. We hope these 4 funding option tips have helped you.

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