Car Accident Litigation Funding

Car Accident Litigation Funding

Even though your chances may be excellent for a favorable decision in your personal injury lawsuit, the process can still take time and the bills and other financial obligations will continue streaming in. Fast Funds offers you a very favorable car accident litigation funding settlement option. If you are seriously injured and represented by an attorney, we can help.

Car Accident Litigation FundingAs a premier leader of litigation funding, we are able to provide monies within just 24 hours of the acceptance of your application. Unlike many other litigation funding companies, we do not charge interest on the money we advance (other companies charge interest compounded monthly) and we do not require any payments toward the advance. Only once your case is settled or won do you repay the advance. We are actually purchasing a very small portion of the anticipated proceeds of your case.

If you are a claimant in need of extra funds to continue pursuing a lawsuit, Fast Funds can help. With Fast Funds, you will be able to pursue your case without having to rush to settlement because you’re running out of money. Our lawsuit cash advances settlement option has helped thousands of individual’s nationwide hold off on early settlements and obtain the compensation justly due them.

Essentially, Fast Funds reviews the case just as an attorney does when first meeting with a client. If we find that the case is a strong one and has a good chance of winning in court, we advance funds. The bottom line is that we provide the money you need for the case to continue on to court. If the case is successful, then you repay us a very small portion of the money that is awarded. If the case loses, then we lose our money, plain and simple.

Fast Funds provides lawsuit financing to attorneys who have exhausted all other financial resources while awaiting a fair settlement. Our lawsuit financing program is designed to provide you with the time you need to hold off on an early settlement and make it to the finish line. Do not settle for less than you should just because you need some cash today; let us help!

Here at Fast Funds, we make lawsuit financing fast and convenient for you! After you provide us with a brief application, we review the case to determine the case’s chance for success. Our ability to evaluate each case for probable success comes from years of experience in personal injury law. Our staff has over 40 years of legal experience as attorneys and in the non-recourse financing business.

If the case meets our criteria, we then offer you an attractive lawsuit financing option based on the potential settlement. We simply “buy” a very small percentage of the settlement. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge interest on the advance, nor any other fees. There are no due dates or monthly payments as well. You simply repay us when the claim is settled or won.

If you want to know more about the car accident litigation funding and financing we offer, please call us right away!

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