Differences Between Loans and Non-Recourse Advances

Differences Between Loans and Non-Recourse Advances

Differences Between Loans and Non-Recourse AdvancesIn this article, we will discuss the difference between loans and non-recourse advances. If you are in a personal injury lawsuit and are interested in receiving litigation financing, please contact Fast Funds today. We are here to help you financially in your time of need.

What Are the Differences Between Loans and Non-Recourse Advances?

Loans are unconditional and always require repayment. Also, loans most often require monthly payments and have due dates to worry about. When you get a loan, you generally have to pay interest and you may also have to pay application fees and other costs, whereas our non-recourse cash advance does not require interest, monthly payments or any other fees associated with getting the money. Our non-recourse cash advance is much better than a loan.

Fast Funds provides emergency cash to those who are seriously injured and have pending claims. It is non-recourse pre-settlement cash advance funding that comes directly out of your future settlement and is repaid only if the case is won.

With our non-recourse cash advances, it is not even necessary for the lawsuit to have actually been filed yet. When your case is settled favorably or won at trial, we then get our money. Like you and your attorney, we take the risk of a successful resolution. If the case is lost, we lose our money.

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If you are involved in a lawsuit and are considering non-recourse loans, we can offer you a better alternative. Many personal injury victims lose their jobs and need money to help pay for ongoing medical care and living expenses. When you cannot wait for your pending claim to settle, you may rush to a settlement and end up getting very little. Let us help instead! Contact Fast Funds today to get started on your lawsuit cash advance.

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