Explanation on How We Work

Explanation on How We Work

Are you thinking about applying for a lawsuit cash advance? Read our explanation on how we work, then contact Fast Funds to get started now.

1) Understanding Litigation Funding

Explanation on How We WorkAttorneys can’t give their client money, so the attorney told them that there are companies out there that will do so, like ours. The client called us and we asked for an application over the phone and then we receive the information from the attorney’s file. Based on that review, we will give them a yes or no. If it’s a yes, we will communicate an offer at that point.

2) How a Lawsuit Cash Advance Helps

It can help you in several ways. If you’re injured and you’re not able to work, provide for your family, or cover your bills, this emergency funding will help you to get by during your time of need until your case resolves, or at least until you get better and get back up on your feet again.

3) Uses for a Lawsuit Cash Advance

Our funding is for emergency funding; it’s to help you pay your bills, keep a roof over your head, food on the table, your car, and anything else that you need on a monthly basis to live. Our funding is not for frivolous spending. If you do so, you have to keep into consideration that you’re going to pay for that money, so we suggest you keep it for emergency needs only.

4) Giving Legal Advice

A seriously injured individual called us yesterday and asked if we were able to give them legal advice for their case. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give legal advice. We do not represent the client. We are just there to help them financially in their time of need.

Are you or a loved one thinking about applying for a lawsuit cash advance and have questions about our explanation on how we work? Contact us for a free consultation or apply for lawsuit funding online.

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