Funding for Pedestrian Accidents

Funding for Pedestrian Accidents

Do you have questions about funding for pedestrian accidents? Check out this article for guidance, then give us a call to get started today.

Pedestrian Accident Cash Advances

Funding for Pedestrian AccidentsIf you have been seriously injured in a pedestrian accident, know that we sympathize with the pain and duress you might be under. The injuries you have suffered most likely have set you back considerably financially. It is quite common for victims of a pedestrian accident to have suffered more serious injuries than victims of other personal injury. Being hit by a moving vehicle without having any protection from the impact can leave someone permanently hurt. Your body can only take so much force from a vehicle and walk away unscathed. If you have found that your life is forever different after your pedestrian accident, you may want to know more about Fast Funds pedestrian accident cash advances. Once you have sought out medical treatment, please do not hesitate to communicate with us to find out how we can help you in this difficult time.

You want your attorney to be able to get you the most possible compensation and sometimes for these pedestrian accident cases, it can take a long time. Your medical bills and lost wages can make your financial situation truly impossible to be patient for a settlement. Fast Funds exists to help you with your lawsuit. We provide you with a portion of what your settlement will be so that you can tide yourself over while you wait for the case to resolve. Given the liberty of patience, you have a much better chance at recovering a full award from the liable part’s insurance company.

Fast Funds Pedestrian Accident Fundable Cases

There is one simple requirement to be able to qualify for a cash advance from Fast Funds. You simply have to have been injured in a pedestrian accident. If you are suffering injuries, you can certainly apply for a cash advance from us and you will be able to receive that money right away when you are approved. Once you apply, there are a couple things that we look at to determine if you would be a good candidate for a cash advance.

The first thing that is important is the liability of the case. We look to see if there was any obvious negligence that caused the accident and who that blame is going to be put on. We look at things like if the driver was on their phone, if they were distracted, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That will give us a good indication about how strong your case is.

Secondly, we look at the injuries that you have sustained and how they will affect you in the future. The most common types of pedestrian accident injuries include concussions, broken bones, amputations, injuries from being crushed, lacerations, internal organ damage, and fractures.

Based on the details of your case, Fast Funds will be able to better determine if you would be a good candidate for a cash advance. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you are more than likely going to qualify for a cash advance. We will make sure you are fully informed about your cash advance before we continue with it.

This is Not a Loan

Fast Funds does not provide what one would consider a traditional loan. That is not the service that we provide for pedestrian accident victims. Our service is solely for pre-settlement cash advances. The biggest difference between a loan and our services is that we will never ask you to pay us back if you do not win your case and a loan needs to be paid back regardless of the outcome of your case. We only ask for repayment if your attorney comes through and wins your case for you. Otherwise, you have no obligation to give us a dime back.

We also make the application process as simple as possible. We don’t require that you fill out any complicated paperwork and there are no hidden fees, up front fees, or application fees. We know how hard it must be to have to do these types of things after being seriously injured in a pedestrian and we don’t want you to feel like this situation is getting harder. We don’t need to know about your credit score, employment, or finances. All we do ask for is the contact information and name of the attorney who is representing you. We will get into contact with them and ask them for the details of your case. When we decide you are a good candidate for a cash advance, we will reach out to you to determine the best way to get your cash advance to you right away.

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Want to learn more about funding for pedestrian accidents? If you want to know more about if you qualify for one of our pedestrian accident cash advances, please call our office right away and we will get the application process started for you. We are more than happy to help you get the settlement you deserve.

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