How Do I Apply for a Cash Advance?

How Do I Apply for a Cash Advance

How Do I Apply for a Cash AdvanceWere you seriously injured and want to seek compensation? Depending on the type of case (and the law firm you choose), attorney fees can be very expensive. You may be asking yourself, “How do I apply for a cash advance?” Read this article to learn more information about Fast Funds and contact our office today.

How Do I Apply for a Cash Advance? | Process

Here’s a scenario: A person is driving down the street, texting and driving and it’s too late before they plow into somebody that’s stopped at a red light. The injured person calls us and wants to know how they can get pre-settlement financing and what information is necessary to do so. In order to get pre-settlement financing, first thing you need to do is contact your attorney, let them know, and authorize them to speak with us. At that point, we will request the necessary information and then be able to make a decision to see if we can help you. There is a lot of different information that we look for, but not all of it may be there at the same time. Call our office today and we can give you some more information as to how to get started to see if we can help you.

How Do I Apply for a Cash Advance? | Pre-Settlement Funding

With Fast Funds, pre-settlement funding is very simple. We give you cash now in exchange for a very small percentage of your future settlement. The risk that your attorney took when he accepted your case is the risk we’re taking, too. We understand that there is no guarantee that you will win your case and we accept that.  We review each case as though we are representing the claimant to help determine the success and potential recovery. If it is determined that the case has a good chance of ending in success, we offer a cash advance that is based on the potential recovery. We simply buy a very small percentage of the recovery and advance you the monies you need to further pursue litigation. There is no interest to pay no matter how long the case takes to settle.

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