Looking Into Funding Options? Don’t Forget Your Options

Looking Into Funding Options Don't Forget Your Options

Have you been injured and looking into funding options? Don’t forget your options that are available to you. Give us a call to get started.

Pre-Suit Funding

Looking Into Funding Options Don't Forget Your OptionsWe got a call from a construction worker who fell off of scaffolding while working on a building. He was seriously injured and had not worked for months. He was facing a surgical procedure and was wondering how could support his family. He wanted to know if his attorney had not yet filed suit, if he could apply for a lawsuit cash advance. The simple answer is yes. The attorney does not have to have filed suit for you to get an advance on your claim.

Litigation and Pre-Settlement Funding

A guy was driving down the road in the outside lane and decided he needed to make a left-hand turn and cut in front of our client, causing our client to veer and hit the guardrail. Both cars ended up in the accident, and that other driver got the ticket for causing the accident. Our client was really injured and needed to know if there was a difference between pre-settlement funding and lawsuit funding. Generally speaking, there is no difference between the two. Lawsuit funding can be anything from a motor vehicle accident to a slip and fall. Pre-settlement funding just means that you have a lawsuit pending, so they’re one in the same. Call our office today if you are unsure of these terms or if you need more information.

Pre-Settlement Litigation Financing

A lady was driving down the road, not paying attention, and plowed through a stop sign and ran into our client. Our client was on her way to work thinking nothing of it, until she got hit by the car and next thing she knows she’s waking up in the emergency room with a slew of injuries. Besides her injuries, she then starts worrying about how she’s going to pay her bills. She finds out through a friend that there’s something called pre-settlement financing. She looks further into it and finds my company. I explain to the lady that in order to do so, she must contact her attorney first and once she’s done, we will contact the attorney to find out more about her case. Once we review it, we will give her a call and give her an answer. If you would like to find out more about our program and how we can help you if you’ve been seriously injured, please call our office.

Post-Settlement Litigation Financing

Let’s say a construction company hires another company to put up the scaffolding for their project. Unbeknownst to the construction company, the scaffolding company does not do a good job with their scaffolds. Their painter that’s supposed to be painting the building goes up on the scaffold and the scaffold collapses, causing the painter to fall to the floor and get seriously injured. He ends up having a workers’ compensation claim and also a third-party claim against the company that made the scaffolding. The cases are resolved and now the client is waiting for his money. He wants to know about post-settlement financing. Post-settlement financing happens once the claims are resolved. At that point, if there’s enough left over for the client, they can take an advance on their post-settled case.

Lawsuit Funding for Minors

Someone whose daughter was sitting in the back seat of a car that got T-boned called us and wanted to know if they could get a lawsuit cash advance on the daughter’s behalf. Unfortunately, minors are not able to enter into this type of financing, so we would not be able to help with an advance. However, if the parent has a claim, we can review the parent’s claim and see if we can help them with funding.

Have you been injured and looking into funding options? Don’t forget your options that are available to you. Give us a call to get started. Contact us for a free consultation or apply for a lawsuit cash advance online.

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