Slip and Fall Cash Advance

Slip and Fall Cash Advance

Slip and Fall Cash AdvanceSlip and fall cases, otherwise known as premises liability, often result in litigation against a property owner, usually a convenience store or other type of business where wet floors are common. Because of the costs of your medical bills and litigation expenses, we at Fast Funds understand that you may be experiencing financial difficulties. We offer slip and fall cash advances to anyone who has been injured by a negligent business owner, helping ensure that they do not get away with low settlement offers. Call our company today to learn more about lawsuit funding for premises liability cases.

Slip and Fall Cash Advance | Premises Liability

When no money is coming in due to injuries and when bills begin to pile up, many claimants see no other alternative but to accept low-ball settlement offers. This is where our premises liability cash advances step in and we are able to help. With our help, you can get the funds you need to pay those overdue bills and hold out for the best settlement offer possible. If you have been seriously injured and are represented by an attorney, we can help you.

Slip and Fall Cash Advance | How It Works

With Fast Funds, you can get a cash advance on your settlement. We offer these premises liability cash advances based on the projected outcome of your case. Fast Funds provides the emergency money you need to pay overdue bills, seek additional medical attention and cover living expenses. Our cash advances are not loans; you pay no interest on the money and there are no due dates, hidden fees, or charges to worry about.

The way the advance process works is very simple. We provide you with a cash advance. In return, our profit is based upon a very low percentage of the recovery–we are, in essence, purchasing a portion of the anticipated proceeds. We charge no interest no matter how long the case takes. Once you complete an application, we will review your case and can advance you funds within 24 hours of acceptance. Once the case is settled or won, we are repaid. If for some reason you do not win the case, you get to keep our money and owe us nothing. Our program is truly 100 percent guaranteed! What better way is there to get the peace of mind you deserve in this time of need? Take a few moments and complete our online application today.