5 Funding Option Tips

5 Funding Option Tips

Are you involved in a personal injury lawsuit and have questions? Check out these 5 funding option tips, then call our office to get started.

1. Paying Off a Lawsuit Cash Advance Early

5 Funding Option TipsA man was driving down the street not paying attention and hit a person who was attempting to cross the street with the right of way. That pedestrian ended up being our client. They were in the hospital, seriously injured, wondering how they were going to pay bills and keep a roof over their head. We provide a cash advance for that. A few months down the road, they received a large inheritance and wanted to know if they could pay it off or if they have to wait till the end of their claim. You can contact our office, request a payoff amount, and once paid, we will send a satisfaction of lien letter to the attorney’s office, letting the attorney know that the lien has been paid and they no longer owe our company any money.

2. Being Denied for Lawsuit Funding

The reason we turn some people down is because one of the pieces of the puzzle that we look at is the insurance amounts that are available to pay the claim. If the limits of the policy are too low or not enough to pay for all the injuries and the claim itself, we cannot help a client, unfortunately for them. Call our office today if you have any questions and we can further discuss your case to see if we can help you.

3. Receiving Funding from Multiple Companies

I received a call yesterday from a client who had previous funding on their personal injury case. It wasn’t from our Fast Funds, and they wanted to know if they can get funding from our company even though they had an advance already. We would have to take a look at that other company’s buyout figure to see if we can buy them out, and then look at your case to see if we’re able to fund you on top of that as well. We are not allowed to go, nor will we go, behind another company’s back.

4. Lawsuit Funding for Minors

Someone whose daughter was sitting in the back seat of a car that got T-boned called us and wanted to know if they could get a lawsuit cash advance on the daughter’s behalf. Unfortunately, minors are not able to enter into this type of financing, so we would not be able to help with an advance. However, if the parent has a claim, we can review the parent’s claim and see if we can help them with funding.

5. Funding for Medical Treatment

A client called us asking if they can use the money that we advance to them for medical treatment or surgery. You can use the money for whatever you wish, as long as it isn’t to bring on litigation.

Are you or a loved one involved in a personal injury lawsuit and have questions about these 5 funding option tips? Contact us for a free consultation or apply for lawsuit funding online.

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