Lawsuit Funding for Underage Children

Lawsuit Funding for Underage Children

Parents who have had kids involved in accidents wonder if we offer lawsuit funding for underage children. Watch this video.


Can my minor child get a lawsuit cash advance?


Someone whose daughter was sitting in the back seat of a car that got T-boned called us and wanted to know if they could get a lawsuit cash advance on the daughter’s behalf. Unfortunately, minors are not able to enter into this type of financing, so we would not be able to help with an advance. However, if the parent has a claim, we can review the parent’s claim and see if we can help them with funding.

Are you or a loved one involved in a personal injury lawsuit and have questions about lawsuit funding for minors? Contact us for a free consultation or apply for a lawsuit cash advance online.

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A mother called the other day concerned about her child’s product liability case. We can help you with many different types of lawsuit funding, but we can’t provide legal advice. With that said, we are constantly looking for attorneys and helpful online resources that can help people across the country. If you or a loved one has questions about product liability claims in New York, check out their online product liability resources.