Things to Know About Pre-Settlement Funding

Things to Know About Pre-Settlement Funding

Things to Know About Pre-Settlement FundingIf you are interested in applying for a lawsuit cash advance, there are a few things to know about pre-settlement funding before you begin. At Fast Funds, we will guide you every step of the way and make sure the process is handled in a simple and efficient manner.

Things to Know About Pre-Settlement Funding | What Is It?

With Fast Funds, pre-settlement funding is very simple. We give you cash now in exchange for a very small percentage of your future settlement. The risk that your attorney took when he accepted your case is the risk we’re taking, too. We understand that there is no guarantee that you will win your case and we accept that.  We review each case as though we are representing the claimant to help determine the success and potential recovery. If it is determined that the case has a good chance of ending in success, we offer a cash advance that is based on the potential recovery. We simply buy a very small percentage of the recovery and advance you the monies you need to further pursue litigation. There is no interest to pay no matter how long the case takes to settle.

Things to Know About Pre-Settlement Funding | This is NOT a Loan

The money we give you is not a loan, but rather a straightforward purchase of a very small portion of the anticipated proceeds of your case. If you win your case, we receive our portion of the money. If you lose your case, you do not have to pay us back. There are no hidden fees and no up-front costs involved with the pre-settlement funding advance. We do not charge interest, no matter how long it takes for the case to resolve. The transaction is perfectly legal, and thousands of individuals nationwide have taken advantage of our non-recourse program.

Fast Funds can help you pay the bills that are piling up and provide you with money to live on until your case is settled. We do not pull your credit report, so bad credit is okay. If you have hired a personal injury attorney, then you qualify for our pre-settlement funding program. Thousands of personal injury victims have found that we helped bridge the gap between their accidents and a fair settlement. Why not you?

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