What Is Advance Settlement Funding?

What Is Advance Settlement Funding

What Is Advance Settlement FundingWhat is advance settlement funding? Fast Funds helps to level the playing field by offering advance settlement funding to plaintiffs (actually, our funding is best defined as an advance, rather than a loan-this is to your advantage). Many advance settlement loans require interest, payments, due dates and application fees. We require none of these things. If you are seriously injured and are represented by an attorney, we can help.

About Our Advance Settlement Funding

Fast Funds provides pre-settlement cash advance funding for a very small percentage of a plaintiff’s potential settlement. We offer funding for cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death, among others. Our advance funding is 100 percent risk-free and does not have to be repaid if your case is not won.

It is important to note that we do not offer “loans,” but rather pre-settlement cash advances. Unlike loans, we do not charge interest on the advances or have due dates. No matter how long it takes to go to settlement, we will wait. Fast Funds makes advances of $1,000 and higher.

Depending on the specifics of your case, we will make a cash advance offer. Upon receiving your application and the necessary paperwork from your attorney, we may be able to get you the money you need within just 24 short hours.

Contact Fast Funds Today

We at Fast Funds will review the merits of your legal claim and evaluate the chance of success and possible amount of financial recovery. After our assessment, we can buy a very small percentage of the total value of the potential future settlement. If there is no financial recovery, then we receive nothing. If the case goes to settlement, then you simply pay us the percentage we bought. We never charge interest, no matter how long the case takes to settle. If you have any questions about advance settlement funding, please contact our office today.

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